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    Plant protection is a major part of any grow. You need to know how to spot things like mold on plants and mold on plant soil, and you need the right products ready for instant deployment. A good bug spray for plants is essential, as is mold prevention, root boosters and supplementary nutes. Our plant protectant kit ticks all of these boxes. It will help you defeat all but the worst issues a grower could face, and give you the confidence your home grow will be healthy, happy and high-yielding.


    Bug Blaster

    Homegrowns Bug Blaster is a pet-friendly, non-hazardous foliar spray. It specializes in caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and thrips but will neutralize any and all bug-shaped threats to your plants. Homegrown’s Bug Blaster doubles as a foliar feed, improving immune system and disease-resistance. This is a remarkable product that should be in grabbing distance of any cannabis grow.

    How to Use Homegrown’s Bug Blaster

    For top results, deploy the bug blaster at twilight, just as the sun begins to set. You’re fine to double the dose for severe infestations. Here’s what to do:

    • Dissolve one capful of Bug Blaster into a quart of water (1 liter, approx).
    • Using a fine mister, apply the solution to the plants from top to bottom. Be sure to include the bottom of the leaves where bugs like to hide.
    • Repeat the process every 5 days.


    Root Guardian

    You should view Homegrowns Root Guardian as your personal army of helpful bacteria. Root Guardian is a special formulation of non-harmful ingredients, a super-efficient and safe way to prevent and cure common diseases. Our healthy bacteria will form a defensive barrier close to the roots, consuming the deadly bacteria responsible for growing pains such as Pythium and Fusarium.

    It gets even better. Your roots will absorb this nutrient-rich protector, giving the immune system a real boost.

    How to Use Homegrowns Root Guardian

    For optimum results, use Homegrowns Root Guardian at sunrise. If your plant is suffering severe damage, you can double the dose, but prevention is better than cure! Heres how to use Homegrowns Root Guardian:

    • Dissolve one capful of Homegrown’s Root Guardian into a quart of water (1 liter approx).
    • Apply the solution evenly among your plants.
    • Rinse the plants with plain water to spread the solution around the roots.


    Mold Shield

    Homegrowns Mold Shield is a special formulation of beneficial ingredients that includes potassium bicarbonate and neem-oil. It shields your plants against botrytis, powdery mildew, leaf septoria and other common diseases.

    Even the best growers in the world have suffered mold and fungus at some point, but these are avoidable and preventable problems with Mold Shield.

    How to Use Homegrowns Mold Shield

    Mold and fungus can be missed even with the closest of inspections, so the smart growers make sure they’ve taken steps BEFORE any issues arise. You should start protecting your plants around halfway through their grow cycle. For optimum results, use Homegrowns Mold Shield at sundown, or the darker stages of twilight. For plants already suffering with mold or fungus, you can double the standard dose. Here’s what to do:

    • Dissolve one capful of Homegrown’s Mold Shield into a quart of water (1 liter approx).
    • Using a fine-mister, spray your plants from top to bottom. Make sure you include the bottoms of leaves, where bugs tend to hide.